Friday, November 11, 2011

The Beauty of Marble Countertop

I always thought that my favorite countertop is quartz because it is not as busy as granite , yet its durable. But as i was searching for the perfect counterop for a kitchen of a client of mine, i discovered that i really love the look of marble countertop in kitchens.
Yeah, i know its more porous , softer , stains more easily and generally needs more care than other stones , but honestly, it adds this much more charm.

White marble stones such as bianco carrara, is one of the cheaper stone countertop options, and instantly adds a brighter , cleaner look to the kitchen. It can stain and etch easily if not taken care of properly, but these little imperfections is part of the character marble countertop adds to a kitchen.

Calcutta marble countertop are stunningly beautiful with their grey and gold veins, and Danby marble too, but sadly , they are not as affordable as the carrara.

It is believed that marble should not be used in the kitchen because it is porous and will stain easily. Actually, the reason marble needs a little bit more pampering than granite or quartz is because it will get etch marks when in contact with acidic stuff. But if you hone the marble, then the marks wont show.
And the good news is if you prefer the polished look of marble, etch marks can be removed using a marble polishing paste.

If you  decided on a marble countertop, here is a few quick tips on how to care for it.

- Use a good sealer for your countertop
- wipe up spills like red wine, citrus juice immediately.
- clean with mild soap and water
- Do not place hot surface directly on it
- Use a cutting board as your prep surface.

If you love the look of marble countertop, but are worried about all the extra care you need to put in, consider using it in smaller surfaces, such as on the island, backsplash or just the cabinet peripherals.

Here are a few more beautiful kitchens with marble countertops. I know for a fact that my dream kitchen is going to look somehow like this and I hope i will be able to post pix of them really soon.

If you have or had a marble countertop in your kitchen, do you love it or hate it?

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Couture Kitchens

I recently came across a very creative kitchen company from Japan named Toyo. Their designs are modern, yet the materials used are so over the top, making each of their kitchens classy and unique.  The focus of their designs is the island, where the range, sink, counter space and storage are all combined in it, making it very functional as well in smaller spaces.

Have you seen any kitchen as sparkly?

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