Friday, August 5, 2011

A small space is a beautiful space

Living in a small space has its good and bad, but it is very easy to get overwhelmed while trying to make your space cozy, and then instead the space becomes cluttery, cramped and inefficient. When choosing furniture to your small room , there are three keys to remember :

1 - Every inch counts , so almost each piece of furniture should be multi-purposed, as too much furniture will overcrowd the room.
2 -Small room = Small furniture.
3- The less the color contrast in the room, the bigger the room will look.

Here are a few furniture pieces that will help make your small space look bigger, clutter free and with a style.

 This beautiful acrylic coffee table is a bookcase too,
and the fact that its colorless gives the illusion of a bigger space

This Contemporary chair is not only beautiful, but is a bookcase too.
 So if you want a library in your house, but dont have a room for it,
The bookseat is your solution.

A daybed can be a beautiful couch in the morning, and a bed at night.
This daybed has storag underneath that can also adapt a twinsize matress
to become a guest bed.

 Here is an example of how a daybed is beautiful and multifunctional
in a small space. (Notice the leggy furniture too)

 This ottoman comes in various colors and shapes.
It can be a footrest, an extra seat, you can flip over the
cover to become a sidetable, and store in it too

 This stylish ottoman from Resouce Furniture can store
 upto four other ottomans inside. A total of FIVE ottomans
in one piece. Now this is a true space saver.

This mirrored chest can be a nightstand too.
And the mirrors reflects light and gives the illusion
of a bigger space.

Nesting tables can be separated to give you more tables
or tucked under each other to save space.This modern
nesting table from Frank Smith has upto four side tables and
 a cube that can be an extra seating, footrest or pedestal.  

Out of floor space? Use your wall space.
Cabinets and shelves are very useful to
show display or store stuff

This modern bamboo end table can be stacked on top of each
other to become a shelving unit, or arranged to become
a coffee table  

What better use of your wall space than bunk beds.
You can either have the bed hanging up with
a desk or storage underneath, or have four
beds in one room without it looking awkward.

Resource Furniture have many different room solutions.
Check out their website

With furniture choice, color and proper lighting, you can make your small space a beautiful functional one.

Thanks for reading.

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