Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fear of Colors

People are different. Kids are even more different. Some kids are more different as other kids. So is their feeding habits, so is thier fears. Some kids fear clowns. Yes, Clowns. I thought all kids feared sharks, wasps, bees, but no, some of them even fear the clowns. I was a very unique kid with a very unique fear. You see, that was the fear of colors. Before studying design, i used to think of myself as such a great decorator, matching the same color all over the place, mostly tans and browns and then for my decorator moment, i would add a few small accents of the same color and all of them should be of the same shade. When i was chosing the paint color for my house , i looked at all those funny shades of colors and wondered what would they use them for. red???  purple ?? turqoise and oh ... yellow ? But then i realized a whole new world of colors. Colors shouldn't be feared of. They should be in every part of our life . Different colors sets different moods . Warm colors such as red , yellow and orange evokes emotions such as comfort , feeling of warmth or anger. Cool colors, like blue, purple and green are calming and refreshing. So, i decided to experiment with colors and overcome my fear.
 A client loved the color red but didnt know how to use it in decorating her space. I decided to choose a beautiful brick red paint as an accent to the longest wall in the living /dining room , and covered the rest of the walls with white paint. the main furniture pieces were neautrals , except for an arm chair, where the fabric choice was brown and red strips. And then i played around with red and blue accents. The space turned out to be beautiful and cozy. Not flashy like i would've imagined before. I was able to "tame" the bold choice of red paint with the softer colors in the rest of the room.

If you fear colors like i used to , try to experiment around. All it takes is a bucket of paint, some brushes,  a tape , and a few accessories like throw pillows , vase and small decorating items.
Start by chosing a color scheme for your entire house. My rule is to use a max of 5 colors and alternate these colors throughout the whole house to create a sense of unity.In each room choose one main color ,one main accent color and up to three smaller accent colors. And the best thing is that if you didnt like something, you can easily change it, so have no fear of the wheel color.
Now when i look back at pix and glance my old spaces, man how boring and lifeless they were. Thank you colors for bringing life to our lives.


  1. Nice! Let us see before/after pix of ur decroration :)

  2. yes i agree with Yaman!! i love ur article dear..well u really encouraged me to start adding more colors to my house..i can't wait till i go back home and start the new mission :)

  3. i'd love to once i learn how to add pix....soon hopefully

  4. Well, never really thought of it that way, but when I buy my own house in Canada (soon hopefully) I will definitely be reminded of this article when decorating. Very interesting. I would like to see some pictures, better yet, a video tour of a final product?

  5. sure and i added some photos in my slideshow