Monday, August 15, 2011

Monochromatic can be Dramatic

 When designing a room, the variety of color palettes you choose can create its mood and feel, but what if you like one color that you just cant get enough of? Monochromatic color scheme is your choice. No , its not boring to use one color. Choose your color, and use its different hues and tints to create a soothing, exciting or a bold room. It is also important to use different textures , patterns and scales to give a depth to the room. Make sure to unify the space by adding similar patterns and colors in different areas of the room.
I have to warn you that its not easy to pull that look off, but if you do it right then you will end up with a stunning room.

Anyways, here are some picture that will inspire you and make you love your favorite color even more.



White or Beige


The Richards Home Remodel


 Purple / Violet



Crosby Street Hotel

By  : Candice Olson



I hope you enjoyed my article and would love to know what you think of monochromatic color scenes.
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  1. I don't like monochromatic with every color, sometimes it's just too much, but some colorscheme's are really interesting!
    thanks for sharing

  2. I agree with your colors - these are restful and easy to co-ordinate. I find the careful use of colors by introducing handmade cushions gives good color variations without being too overbearing.
    No loud shouting, obnoxious colors which give headaches on your site. Lovely site, keep it up!