Sunday, July 17, 2011

Designing in Green and Purple

This summer, i decided to try gardening and add some colors to my boring brown front and backyard. I didnt know where to start except that the color scheme i had in mind was white and pink . I went to the plant nursery, bought some bushes and planted them in my frontyard. A week later, i was surprised by all the beautiful flowers that bloomed, and even more surprised that out of all these, my favourite was the unexpected (for me) bloom of the purple flowers on one of the bushes. Then i noticed that whenevcer i pass by any front yard, my eyes kept drawn to the purple flowers.
To start a design , you need an inspiration. This time a beautiful lavender plant is what inspired me. If nature decided that these color combination is beautiful, then it'll definitely look good in a room as well.
Here are a few pictures for inspiration on decorating with green and purple.

But first, this is an example of how green and purple can go horribly ..i mean HORRIBLY wrong. so unless you choose the right shades and design, please do not attept to try it at home.

If you have any ideas that you would like to share, please do .

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hey Ruba, can you help me by suggesting some wall schemes for a nursery school. Our logo is white, green and orange.
    We want to paint some classrooms walls. To orange and green, we added blue and sunny yellow. What sort of wall designs do you suggest? We were thinking horizontal and vertical stripes...

  2. Hi Tasneem,
    Simplicity is recommended for designing younger kids spaces, as busy spaces tend to over-stimulate kids. So i would say instead of painting horizontal or vertical line, either focus on the tone and texture, or paint different walls with different colors. i would suggest , paint two opposite walls with the yellow shade , one with the green and one with blue. chose the colors to be bright, unless the room is sunny then the colors tend to be too loud. If some of the classrooms are too sunny, go with quieter cool colors like light blues or pastels, and on one wall you can paint something like a giraffe eating from a tree to create interest. For the orange, in color psychology , it creates energy and inhibits concentration , so i would suggest using it in the hallways as minimal time is spend there or in the activity area.
    We have worked on a children's gym called Le petit gym and the main design was the color xcheme. if you are interested take a look at it on my photoslide . you will notice that we used the orange in the gym itself.
    Hope i answered your question.