Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whats your style? - Traditional -

When planning to decorate your house, start by choosing what decorating style you love and make sure that you use it throughout the house. But what is your favorite? There are many different styles out there that all I can do to fit them in one post is just mention them , so instead, I'm gonna talk about one style at a time starting with the traditional.

Traditional style is a timeless design with a homey and comfortable feeling. Its all about fabrics, rich colors, draperies, strong architectural elements (ex. trims and moldings ), antique and upholstered furniture pieces and attention to even the tiniest details.

How to get the look :

1 - Think symmetry. Furniture and accessories should be in pairs and placed around a focal point.
2 - Detailed Trims and molding
3 - Neutral color palette. Repeat different patterns and colors on draperies and upholsters.
4 - Wood is finished in darker tones like mahogany, walnut and cherry.
5 - Famous traditional fabric prints include floral prints, toile, damask and strips. Luxurious fabrics are used such as velvet and brocades
6 - Window treatments are usually layered. Sheer curtains , draperies then valance or swag. Don't forget the tassel fringe.
7 - Furniture is upholstered and have details such as nail-head or cord trims and button tufting. antique and upholstered furniture pieces that has some curved lines Throws and pillows have trims of tassels, fringe and ribbons.
8 - Accessories like crystal chandelier , lamps , frames and mirrors should have bronze details.

As you can see from the pictures above that traditional design is very expected, but you can add a twist  to it by mixing some modern elements and bolder colors  for a fresh look. For example, you can have the curved line furniture and distribute it symmetrically , but upholster it with geometrical patterned fabric.

Smooth curves on the furniture as well as the table and ottoman legs is an element of traditional decor. The blue patterns and polka dot adds an unexpected twist. 

Symmetrical furniture distribution and curvy furniture and toile fabric are all elements of traditional style. The green choice of color adds a modern twist to this living room.

Is traditional your style? if not , then make sure to visit my blog again for more decor styles and more design talk.


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  1. Where can I buy the fabric for cushions and drapes in the photo "French Country Livingroom"?