Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Uniquely Beautiful Furniture

As i was surfing the web today, i came across these unique and beautiful furniture. What do you think of them?

This beautiful traditional with a twist corner sofa , designed by Lila Lang, is not only a functional seat, but a piece of art.

The Twisted Cabinet from Benchmark Furniture

Who said work should not be fun. Bring fun to your home office with the Jujie Chair by Jamy Yang

Suspended Marionette1

East Meets West sofa by MAAD

I would love to have this Little Black Dress in my walk-in.

I personally love this hemispherical wall kitchen cabinet called Dime by Splinter Works. After preparing snacks or cocktails, i can simply close the cabinet and just pretend that the mess is no longer there.

For all the shoe lovers out there, this feminine Stiletto from Splinters Work is a perfect addition to your space.

 This beautiful polished steel Lectori Salutem Desk by Jeroen Verhoeven is simply a piece of art 

This Canned bench by Straight Line Designs remind me of sardines.

Now for some Kids Furniture Bedroom. These fun pieces of furniture are also by Straight Line Designs, and will definitely make the perfect bedroom for any child. Don't they bring back memories ?  

The Accordion Chest

The Beaver Cabinet

The Bomb Cabinet


The Cracked Cabinet

The Melting1 Cabinet

I couldn't help but smile at those Mickey and Minnie Cabinets

What is it this time Mrs Pearson?


I would love to know what you think of this post. Make sure to visit my blog again for some more design talk. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. Very cool furniture - especially the grandfather clock. Creative talent can make such a difference. Nothing new was invented here, but the styles are off the charts.

  2. i know. imagine each piece is custom made once an order is placed :)

  3. it is really an amazing place to hang out. i must say you will enjoy a lot there.
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